The Computer Language
23.03 Benchmarks Game

binary-trees description


A simplistic adaptation of Hans Boehm's GCBench, which in turn was adapted from a benchmark by John Ellis and Pete Kovac.

Thanks to Christophe Troestler and Einar Karttunen for help with this benchmark.

HN discussion


When possible, use default GC; otherwise use per node allocation or use a library memory pool.

As a practical matter, the myriad ways to tune GC will not be accepted.

As a practical matter, the myriad ways to custom allocate memory will not be accepted.

Please don't implement your own custom "arena" or "memory pool" or "free list" - they will not be accepted.

The work

The work is to fully create perfect binary trees - before any tree nodes are GC'd - using at-minimum the number of allocations of Jeremy Zerfas's C program. Don't optimize away the work.

Leaf nodes must be the same as interior nodes - the same memory allocation. Don't optimize away the work.

How to implement

We ask that contributed programs not only give the correct result, but also use the same algorithm to calculate that result.

Each program should:

diff program output N = 10 with this 1KB output file to check your program output has the correct format, before you contribute your program.

Use a larger command line argument (21) to check program performance.

Thanks to Eamon Nerbonne for repeatedly showing what was wrong with the old way of checking these programs, and to Brad Chamberlain for suggesting that a simple check should work.